Useful CSS Tips For Beginners

In the old days, we depend a lot of on developers and programmers to help update the website, even when it’s just a minor one. Thanks to the CSS and it’s flexibility, styles can be extract independently away from the codes. Now, with some basic understanding of CSS, even a novice can easily change the style of a website.

Whether you are interested in picking up CSS to create your own website, or merely to tweak your blog’s look and feel a little – it’s always good to start with the fundamentals to gain a stronger foundation. Let’s take a look at some CSS Tips we thought might be useful for beginners. Full list after jump.



1. Use reset.css
When it comes to rendering CSS styles, browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer

all fundamental styles, so you starts with real blank new stylesheets.

Here are few commonly used reset.css frameworks – Yahoo Reset CSS, Eric Meyer’s CSS Reset, Tripoli


2. Use Shorthand CSS


Shorthand CSS gives you a shorter way of writing your CSS codes, and most important of all – it makes the code clearner and easier to understand.

Instead of creating CSS like this

.header {
background-color: #fff;
background-image: url(image.gif);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: top left;

It can be short-handed into the following:

.header {
background: #fff url(image.gif) no-repeat top left

3. Understanding Class and ID

These two selectors often confuse beginners. In CSS, class is represented by a dot “.” while id is a hash ‘#”. In a nutshell id is used on style that is unique and don’t repeat itself, class on the other side, can be re-use.

4.Power of <li>

<li> a.k.a link list, is very useful when they are use correctly with <ol> or <ul>, particularly to style a navigation menu.



5.Forget <table>, try <div>

One of the greatest advantage of CSS is the use of <div> to achieve total flexibility in terms of styling. <div> are unlike <table>, where contents are ‘locked’ within a <td>‘s cell. It’s safe to say most <table> layouts are achievable with the use of <div> and proper styling, well maybe except massive tabular contents.


6.CSS Debugging Tools


It’s always good to get instant preview of the layout while tweaking the CSS, it helps understanding and debugging CSS styles better. Here are some free CSS debugging tools you can install on your browser: FireFox Web DeveloperDOM InspectorInternet Explorer Developer Toolbar, and Firebug.



Wearable Mockup Design PSD

Today we are giving away a free Wearable Mockup design PSD (smart watch). You can see the screen shot of the actual PSD below. The smart Wearable industry is growing rapidly, so it is important to be with the flow. We have already finished few UI Design for android wearable devices so we decided to share the mockup with you guys.

The Wearable Mockup PSD Design is well formatted for further use you can easily edit the file as you like.

If you are not aware of this technology,


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Improve the UX of a Landing Page to Maximize Organic Traffic:

As cliche as it sounds, creating consumer-focused, quality content is the best possible thing you can do maximize organic traffic. Moreover, building links to your valuable content are important to optimize your website. But, it is only the tip of the iceberg. It becomes exponentially easier and productive when the user experience (UX) of your landing page is awesome.

Organic traffic constitutes the largest chunk of higher conversion rates compared to any other source of website traffic. And, if you prioritize the user experience and focus on it like a pro, you cannot go wrong because it helps lowering the bounce rate and Google loves it. For the reason that people adore the websites, which they find more relevant and engaging.

Build Higher-Converting, Enriched Landing Page

There is a common perception that search engine optimization requires a terrific deal of patience. It’s true to some extent, but with enhanced UX of landing page makes the entire process easy and hassle-free. What’s more, not everything is as easy as getting the services of Austin SEO agency on board in this regard. The key to success is hidden in creating the top-notch landing page – opening wedge to the main website or its specific section that needs to be user-oriented and informative for the target audience.

Avoid Making Too Many Offers:
Be sagacious and always go for ‘one landing page for one purpose’. Exclusivity in user experience comes when you offer what’s mandatory because if you give too many choices, the visitors may not take any action at all. It’s definitive.

Keep the difference alive between a website and its entry point – landing page.

Remember, a visually unbeatable page that says nothing valuable about your brand, products or services won’t catch the people’s interest. Likewise, if you are tempted to tell each and every bit of your products or brand in order to impress the visitors, then you are not actually trying to convert them.

Be Specific, Folks. Give the landing page visitors a solid reason to take action.

Easily Identifiable Call-to-Actions:
Remain steady for a moment and think ‘why a user lands on your page?’ Certainly, to get information about you and what’s in your bag to offer him. Next comes his wish to perform a particular task such as signing up for something or buying an item, but fails to figure out ‘how to do it?’ It’s the escape point. Yes, he will leave in the search of a better service provider, offering superlative user experience.

The CTA button(s) on your landing page should be easily recognizable because a strong brand image is backbone to your business success. Don’t make them a usability nightmare for the visitors.

Ensure that CTAs are easy-to-spot and seamlessly clickable so as to create an enriched user experience required to convert page visitors into customers.

Improve the Landing Page Usability:
Here’s a few points to consider for improved landing page usability that help people keep visiting and referring it to their social network. This helps maximize the organic traffic – backbone to gainful SEO efforts.

Be realistically serious about your landing page copy.
Keep the design simple for trouble-free navigation.
Create user-friendly forms for information collection.
Avoid distractions by making all links recognizable.
In a nutshell, creating content that’s attractive enough to capture the attention of the potential site visitors and building more links works the best for long-term growth of organic traffic. It increases the likelihoods of generating more enquiries and converting them into profitable leads.


Emphasis of Digital Marketing for the Growth of the Business

More and more small businesses are implementing digital marketing tactics to effectively reach and engage their target customers online. Internet marketing also known as digital marketing, web marketing or e-marketing is a great tool for the businesses to create brand online presence for business success. But what is digital marketing and who can do effective digital marketing for your business?

Digital Marketing differs from traditional marketing in that, it involves use of channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and comprehend how to work. The web design company NYC have dedicated themselves in helping organizations succeed in the digital age. They can take your website to a new whole new level where conversion rates escalates.

Digital Marketing for generating online sales leads

If your business is new in digital marketing arena, then PPC would be the ideal launching point to generate quick results with the quickest possible time. Website development company NYC with a team of digital marketing professional, with expert specialists in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and PPC campaign delivers best results with their multi-channel approach. But what are typical benefits of digital marketing career.


Top Benefits of Digital Marketing Companies

Some of the top benefits are

They are cost-effective – Although setting up an in-house marketing team sounds wonderful, however when it comes to cost, the complete digital marketing team expenditure will cost you a fortune. Apparently when you hire website development company NYC, it would be definitely cost effective and provides a quantifiable return on investment thus optimizing your marketing budget. In addition spending money in promotional activities is much higher than hiring digital marketing companies.
They can get you more inbound leads – In today’s digital marketing landscape, the biggest challenges that many agencies face is generating strong pipeline of quality leads. Digital agencies uses social media for marketing and tend to adapt new lead generation strategies.
Improved Conversion Rates – Conversion rates measure if your marketing efforts and ROI (Return of Investment) is actually working and how many leads you are converting into sales. Generally digital marketing companies adopt strategies to improve conversion rate on their website. Even slightest changes can make dramatic improvements to your conversion rate.
Compete with larger corporations – Marketing in the digital age has become a very different story. Big consulting firms are competing with big advertising firms because of the current issue of ad age. However website design and Development Company embrace new approaches to stand out in the crowd. These digital marketing companies know how to work better than other marketing companies and stay ahead of everyone in the race.
Summing it up

Today the world has become more digitally connected due to the increase in the number of digital marketing agencies. Although the business world is competitive and each business is striving hard to stay in the market race, adopting certain strategies like hiring web design company NYC, who can effectively execute your needs can make their ride much smoother and prevent your fall behind the online world.


How to Utilize Email Marketing for Better conversions

Emails are the part of every business and individual conversation. We are sure that today everyone is well acquainted with the Emails and its importance in our professional and personal life. We have now moved to a highly dynamic industry of social media where email marketing is an integral part. This article will take you to an understanding of email marketing and its importance in SEO and search engine rankings. Let’s get started:

Email Marketing Introduction

Though email marketing is a part of every digital media marketing, if we compare it to the latter, then it is said that email is a bit more mature channel for engaging online consumers. Its longevity is a testament to its ability to get the customers hooked on one thing, in turn, helps in converting leads into consumers and buyers and finally into repeat customers. Email marketing works well for all kinds and types of business. Irrespective of any kind of business activities (B2B or B2C); your email marketing effectiveness can be optimized.

Apparently, some of the studies show that email marketing is the king when it comes to conversion rates and ROI over any other form of digital or social marketing. Whereas, the conversion and ROI will happen only if the email marketing campaign is hitting the right audience with the right content. With email marketing at times, there are some minute things that can work wonders in converting your potential customer’s into buyers. As simple as tweaking the subject line may make the difference in the bounce and open rates.

Why Is Email Marketing So Important?

Email marketing can be a great boost to building relationships and adding value to your business. It is considered to be the main building blocks that increase customer’s lifetime value and to predict the route of your business fruitfully. The strategies that we employ to our email marketing list is playing an important role. Similarly, we do it on social media for interacting with our customers. It also gives you a direct chance to interact and flash your products and services to your potential customers. Sharing information helps in building a relationship which though remains for a longer time on the emails. Another very important factor is installing SSL certificate of trusted Certificate Authority like Comodo SSL Certificate to enable HTTPS and green padlock icon in browser. Installing the right SSL certificate to your website will ensure security of your data which is also sent via emails and shared on other social media platforms. You can purchase Comodo SSL Certificate from reseller like Cheap SSL Shop – (

Let’s now have a look at some of the email marketing best practices which are popular in email marketing campaigns to increase traffic and conversion rates. By following these and learning about them, you will undoubtedly gain an edge on your conversion rates:

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Create Mobile-Optimized Email Campaigns

With everyone on mobile, these days where almost all the businesses run on responsive websites, your email marketing campaigns should also be mobile-optimized. Nowadays even emails are used, read, and replied on mobile phones, thus while conducting email marketing campaign make sure you consider optimising the content and the layout as per mobile devices and its readability on them.

Also, remember, optimization of email campaigns are based on few basic points such as: Create a short subject line. It should be crisp so that it is reasonably displayed on the mobile phones, for example, some 30-35 characters. Try to break the text so that readers can quickly read or skim. Do remember to give a concise copy with a single layout, do not make it messy or too filled with colour or copy or mixed design. Your email should be clean and tidy with the right links to click. One last thing, make sure your CTA buttons are bulletproof so that they run better on mobile devices.

Will cover the A/B testing in the next point but would like to mention that while optimizing your emails for mobile, please don’t forget to test the optimization by running an A/B test. It will assist you in evaluating the changes you have implemented and how are they performing.


Computer science and it’s applications in the present world

Computer science and it’s applications in the present world
August 31, 2018 Sandy
What are computer science and its applications?

Computer science is basically the study of science that revolves around the computers. It is the study of the theory, experimentation, and engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers. It is the field of study that deals with computers and computational systems. Unlike the other engineering programs, computer science deals with the theory, layout, development, and applications of software’s and the systems of software’s. The demand of good computer scientists are rapidly increasing around the globe as well as the demand of online education, thus the students who prefer online education and are interested in the field of computer science and its related applications can look for top online computer science colleges providing a deeper theoretical as well as practical knowledge about computer science.

Why study computer science?

The computer science is the field of study which is concerned with the design, development, and analysis of software and hardware. There are plenty of reasons to choose computer science as a field of study not just because it is exciting to work with computers but also because of the below mentioned facts about computer science:

Computer science provides you with the basic as well as the advanced knowledge about computer systems, its applications and hardware and software.
Computers are becoming a part of everything we do and thus knowledge about computers is an essential requirement.
Knowledge about computers can help you to solve and analyze difficult problems.
There is enormous career and job opportunities present in the field of computer science.
Computer science and its application can bring about a positive change in the world.
It provides a platform for the people to implement their creative and innovative ideas and concepts.
What are the functional areas of Computer Science?

Computer science is not limited to a few subjects and topics. It is a vast field of study which provides an individual the opportunity to explore and experiment in various fields of study. The major areas of study in computer science include:

Artificial intelligence (AI).
Systems and the networks of computers.
Cyber security.
Database systems or database management systems (DBMS).
Human computer communication and interaction.
Visualization and graphics.
Numeric analysis.
Programming languages.
Software engineering.
Theory of computing.
However, computer scientists also design, analyze, and implement various algorithms to solve different programs and also monitor the performance of hardware’s and software’s of the computer system.

The study of computer science also allows students the knowledge of developing and programming new applications, web pages, and software.

The advanced study of computer science also provides students the chance to research and experiment on various areas such as:

Artificial intelligence
Computer Engineering and Architecture
Programming Systems and Operating Systems.
Scientific Computing and many more areas as such.
Applications of computer science in everyday life

Computer science is a field of study that can be implemented in everything we do and below are few examples of the applications of computer science in daily life.

Internet browsing: When a person is searching for information and types something on the search engine, how does the system provides you the relevant results within a matter of second? Well, the answer is through various search algorithms and parallel computing.
Video games: Ever thought about how the games you play in your laptops or computer looks so real? It is possible because of the constantly improving computer graphics and visualizations.
Online Shopping: When you purchase something online, have you ever wondered how nobody else can steal your credit or debit card information, or how does the website always predicts precisely what you might want to purchase? Well, this is because of network security and artificial intelligence.
The smart phones you use are able to do so much more than just make some calls and text. It is because of programming, networking, and wireless networking.
There are various other applications of the computer science which we use on a daily. It is making our life easier day by day.

Career prospects for a computer scientist

The people who are good at problem solving and have an understanding and interests of computers can pursue their higher education from various different colleges offering on campus programs as well as online programs, for example if you look for top online colleges in Louisiana you will be able to find a lot of colleges offering online educational program for aspiring students, wanting to pursue online education in the field of computer science. The area of computer science attracts a lot of students as it is quite a popular field of study as well as offers a vast array of career prospects and job opportunities such as:

Computer and Information System Manager
Computer System Analyst
Hardware Engineer
Web and Application developer
Software Developer and many more.

The computer science has always been an unavoidable part of human life since it was introduced to the world for the first time. The field of study has a lot of applications which impacts the everyday life of the human beings. Computer science in one way or other is connected to each and every human’s daily routine and is a field of study which makes life easier for the human beings.


How amazon is good for selling stuff fast and easy

Social media websites play most important role in marketing, promotion and selling products online. Marketers should know all top websites, which provide service to sell products online. Millions of websites are available which provide such services. But the need is to know that which one is better for your product. search for the trendy cotton tops online for girls


It is one of the renowned social media websites where people buy products online. Products related to all categories of life are available here. You can place your order online by sitting at couch of your home. Huge variety of products is sold here. You need to select category of your desired product on website. A huge number of products will be shown after selecting specific category. You can place order of product, which you feel suitable for yourself.

Mutual benefit of brands with amazon

Several social media websites provide platform where you can sell products through finding target market like targeted Instagram followers for your product. Different brands make coordination with amazon for selling their products and getting mutual benefits. It helps to reduce cost of products which amazon places on websites.

Essentials of selling products online

There are some pros and cons of selling products online on amazon. Some of these are as follows:

Huge number of buyers and sellers
One of the main reasons of selling products on amazon or eBay is higher number of traffic. According to a survey, almost 180 million people visit this website monthly. Amazon has almost 164 million active buyers per month. That is why amazon is considered as a huge platform of selling products. Moreover, sellers usually say that their 50% sales increase after joining amazon for selling their product.

Fee payment
Amazon charges sellers for selling their products over here. Sellers get benefit despite this cost because of increase in sales. They prefer to pay fee of joining amazon. In this way you can sell your stuff easily and fast. This marketplace fee is not more than promotional offline cost.

Indirect relation with customers
Sellers cannot directly communicate with customers on amazon because of amazon intermediary action. Amazon directly interacts with customers for selling products. Amazon directly focuses on products but not on sellers. Therefore sellers have limited control over customers.

Purchase in bulk
Amazon purchases products from sellers in bulk and sell it to customers online. Sellers do not interfere in shipment and making products available on doorstep of customers. All of this is under the custody of amazon. Amazon handles all of this directly with customers through shippers.

Membership with amazon
Sellers do membership with amazon for selling products online. For this, they have to pay charges like referrals and other fee payments. This helps them to sale their products fast and easy.

That is why amazon is good for selling stuff fast and easy. Sellers should join amazon for promoting their products online on social media. They can make their brand famous in this way. People all over the world join it on daily basis either as seller or buyer.


Brain training for dogs review

I love dogs and I love them more when they’ve retention capacities which are remarkable and tricks. You’ll realize that a puppy will go nuts when you need it to sit quietly enjoy a professor invigilating an exam if you give control or the term.

Once you’re finished training the puppy, that will be remarkable and it’s in a position to follow your orders. Some methods you may find to be hard with since they don’t make sense to go through. As it becomes hard, others will be obsolete and grueling which you wind up giving everything up.

Others will be unkind and dangerous to the dog when you’re currently using reinforcements which aren’t as neat and collars. Bear in mind, you aren’t training a puppy you anything damaging or’re only making it more easy therefore no collars please. I will kill a guy who injuries it or abuses a puppy, there I said it.

Let’s get on with this overview of this Brain Control for Dogs until the FBI gets here. You’ll see everything that whenever you opt to find this app, you have to be aware of.

What’s This Brain Control for Dogs?

Well, I’ll tell you. The program was made by Adrienne Faricelli who’s a master in the industry of reinforcement which has worked on puppies what they’re referring to Adrienne and as may be seen if you examine the testimonials. This review will want to figure out whether they are for real.

The program comprises the methods which are force free to be certain the puppy isn’t damaged at all when it is being trained by you. The methods are proven to induce the dog to come up with lack of confidence and resentment . You’ll also encounter slowed if you use power to educate the dog learning.

Together with all the reinforcement, you’ll realize there are results including the thinking capability will be raised and your pet will have the ability to figure a great deal of things by itself out.

You will undergo an playtime and coaching is going to be interesting which you could remember for quite a while. I will provide you with some peeks.

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A Sneak Peek of this E-book

This app is an eBook established PDF format kind kind of thing which you have fun with if you would like your puppy and could download on the web. When speaking to the amounts Even though they utilize Einstein’s title in the novels a lot.

Their itinerary includes these items:

The key guide Brain Control for Dogs that will be a PDF eBook which has 300+ pages inside.

There’s the corresponding Behavior Training guide for toddlers that’s also a PDF eBook which includes over 80 pages inside.

Then you will find the 21 movies which were made to demonstrate the way the puppy learns and that I will guarantee you that using this type of advice, you can’t fail.

This program is valued at a cost you will see reasonable considering what you’re getting when you get it. You may rest assured that a scam isn’t conducting as may be observed from the reviews that have mentioned a good deal of what’s stated in the book which is the app works.

If you have a bad puppy who poops inside the house and creates a mess around, I would highly advice you to consider House Train any Dog e-book.

How This Program Works

The science supporting this notion can be found in the manner the way you’ll begin teaching it and the dog will be approached by you. It’s about the confidence you will make when your pooch and you are coaching.

Whenever you have the puppy’s confidence and you continue providing rewards to it, there is.

There’s that saying that states that. As together with her method, you’ll not have a trouble getting your puppy to do everything that you want it to perform and that will make it easy to train, you see, she debunked that myth.

The path you will take your puppy is one that is going to allow it to gain confidence and progressively direct it into the ones that are tougher in the endeavor.

The Secret supporting Everything

Here is the key as to they would be the ones and why function which you have to use.

These treats you will be using aren’t really bribes however encouragements that assist the puppy realize that if it does the ideal thing, you give it a benefit and guess what; it’ll need more of these snacks and will be motivated to perform the ideal things all the time.


5 Torrent sites still works in 2018

Looking to Download torrent files? Are you wondering which torrent sites are still active in 2018? Well, torrent has been officially banned across the globe due to some professional as well as privacy reasons. Although there are some of the torrents which are still working fine.

Torrent sites are one of the biggest open source available for downloading almost anything from anywhere. People around the world choose Torrent sites as the main source for downloading huge files as it provides a lot of features which other sources fail to offer.

Even in 2018, there are some of the Torrent sites which are still active and working fine. Where most of the torrent sources are blocked and people are using the proxy server to unblock access, there are few torrent sites that works perfectly fine in 2018. So, let’s go and check out those torrent sites that work in 2018.

There are multiple movie streaming websites also where you can watch or download latest movies, top imdb movies.
like putlockerhub

Torrent sites which still works in 2018
The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay is the most popular and definitely people’s favorite torrent sites ever. This torrent site has been around for nearly 15 years and it’s quite popular among users. The domain name of this site has changed quite a lot but regained it as .org again. The site offers full of stuff and you can easily find thousands of torrents to download. This is a must to look for.

Torrentz2 was originally known as Torrentz earlier but this reincarnated site recently had gone through some severe changes. stopped providing links to magnet downloads last December. The last option left for the users is to download material from this site using the hash. Recently Torrentz2 started providing magnet download links to the users although few complaints about the lower number of torrent files. This site is still a favorite for many of us. You must check out the site before heading to some other source.

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Another popular site to make it to the list is YTS.AG. This is one of the most controversial torrent site ever. Recently the domain name of the site has been changed to .am. YTS is a popular group which release its own torrents. YTS.AG claims to be the only official website for the torrent releases and it does not relate to YITI or YTS. Whatever may be the site be, whether it is official or not, YTS.AG has become one of the most popular torrent sites ever.

RARBG is a torrent site developed in the year 2008. The site is gaining huge popularity among users across the world and slowly becoming a torrent favorite. RARBG has a reputation for good quality torrents and also contains the latest movies and TV shows. Well, the site does not host any of the torrent files but it provides internal magnet links to another download source. It uses Bit Torrents for peer-to-peer sharing.

Due to the increasing popularity of this site since 2017, has been blocked in many countries. You can only access this torrent site with the help of VPNs or Kickass proxy. Well, using VPN or proxy is any way natural while using torrent. The site offers an advanced search option where you can look for the desired stuff you are exactly looking for. This feature is awesome as it saves a lot of time. You must check out this site for at least once.

Wrapping Up

Well in this article we have picked out 5 best working torrent sites which are still active in 2018. We hope this article will help you out. Do share your experiences with the sites and which one worked fine for you. If we have missed out any important one, do let us know. We hope to help you out in future too. Till then keep downloading!


Boodyfit WordPress Theme

Bodyfit theme is built for Health Clubs, Gyms, Fitness Centers, Personal Trainers and other health related clubs and it is suitable for any kind of physical activity. It is fully responsive for all kind of devices like Desktop & Mobile.this theme will be an aggregate achievement since we made all the necessary pages for it.It has the purpose oriented design, responsive layout and special features like services, portfolio, blog plans and other pages.It is translation ready with a clean and secure code.